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Recommended Trails


1 Dirt road maintained for high clearance 2WD and 4WD use in adverse conditions.

2 Dirt road with infrequent or light maintenance after rain or snow, high clearance light duty 4WD required.

3 Dirt road with frequent use, but seldom maintained. Dirt, sand and slick rock surfaces,. 4WD is required due to ruts or wash erosion and maybe small rock ledges no bigger that 12″.

4  Loose rock, dirt, and some slickrock surfaces. Erosion, washes, gulches and rock ledges no higher than 12”. 4WD is required with good driving skills. Beginners can manage trail with ease Locker can be used but not required.

5 Road surfaces are rutted, rocky and sandy with steps not exceeding 14”, with considerable slickrock surfaces. Good vehicle approach and departure angles are helpful. Locker use is required.  Off road driving experience will be needed.

6 Roads are difficult.  Rock ledges can exceed 24”.  Lockers are required. Must have off road driving skills not for beginners.

7 Trail consists of rock, boulders, sand and slickrock with rock ledges exceeding 24”. Steep climbs and drops. Lockers required, winching may be necessary.  Vehicle mechanical or body damage can occur. Roll over possibilities exist. Must have off road driving skills not for beginners. We do not recommend this trail to anyone who is a first time renter.

8 Extreme trail. Enhanced off road and excellent driving skills are required. Vehicle damage can occur. Equipment or mechanical damage is probable. Frequent use of your winch may be required. We do not allow this trail to anyone who is a first timer renters.

We do not allow any trails above this rating system.


Behind the Rocks #8
Chicken Corners #4
Cliff Hanger #8
La Sal Pass #2
Geyser Pass  #1
Dome Plateau #3
Elephant Hill #4
Fins and Things #5
Flat Iron Mesa #7
Golden Spike #7
Klondike Bluffs #4
Hell’s Revenge #5 (We do not allow Hells Gate, Hot Tubs, or Escalator)
Hey Joe Canyon #4
Kane Creek Canyon #7
Metal Masher #7
Poison Spider #6
Seven Mile Rim #6
Steel Bender #7
Strike Ravine #7
White Rim #3


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