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Moab Jeep Tours with Twisted Jeep Rentals are Here!

For years, Twisted Jeep Rentals has been providing the most capable rental Jeeps in Moab, and now we are pleased to announce that we will now be offering Guided Moab Jeep Tours! These tours are great for those who want to see how capable these Jeeps really are, and to see what the Moab trails are all about, but who don’t want to risk damaging their own Jeep!

Moab Jeep Tours, Moab Jeep Rentals

Top of the World, one of the most scenic trails in Moab. This is an excellent option for our tours.

Our Tours

We have a variety of options for your Moab Jeep Tours. You can ride with our guides, take your own Jeep and follow, or follow in a Twisted Jeep. We offer 3-hour Tours in the morning, afternoon, and evening, which is our Sunset Tour. The most popular option is the 3 hour Sunset Tour. We take you on Hell’s Revenge, where we can give you as much or as little excitement as you desire. We can also offer full day Moab Jeep Tours.

Moab Jeep Tours, Moab Jeep Rentals, Hell's Revenge

Excellent view of Moab from the Dinosaur tracks on Hell’s Revenge, our most popular tour option.

Our Guides

For your Moab Jeep Tours, we have the best guides in town. Our guides are local Moabites,  and they have been off-roading in Moab their entire lives. They have all of the experience necessary (plus a lot more!) to keep you and your family safe on the trail. They can show you the unique things they have noticed on the trails throughout the years. Let us show you why we are so lucky to call Moab our home. Call and book your Moab Jeep Tours today!

Moab Jeep Tours, Moab Jeep Rentals, Hell's Revenge, Twisted Jeep Rentals and Tours

KL, one of our awesome guides, guides a man and his wife all the way from Israel down into the Car Wash Hot Tub on Hell’s Revenge.


  • Ride Along Tour:
    • 3 Hours: $295 + tax
    • Full Day (6-7 hours): $575 + tax
  • Drive Along Tour:
    • 3 Hours: $425 + tax
    • Full Day (6-7 hours): $725 + tax
  • Guided Tours:
    • Guided Tours with customer owned rigs vary in price, depending on group size and trail difficulty.

Moab Jeep Tours


Tour Reservations

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